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Pension scams – the cruelest crime

Ruthless fraudsters may have plundered as much as £14.6 billion from the nations pension savings, new figures reveal. The shocking statistics from the pension industry show the scale of the crime has been grossly underestimated. Official police fraud report figures had previously shown that just £31 million had been lost due to pension scammers since […]

Beware the Covid scammers

Investment scams have nearly quadrupled during lockdown as scammers use evermore sophisticated methods to dupe ordinary savers into parting with their cash. Almost £10m was lost in frauds last month, up from about £4m in July, according to the Investment Association. The total number of reported scams jumped from 300 to 1,175 over the same […]

Guard against international scammers

INVESTORS are being warned to be on their guard against international scammers seeking to cash in on the coronavirus crisis. A tide of fraudsters is expected to sweep in as Covid-19 paralyses traditional markets and high net worth investors become desperate to find new ways to make their money work. Financial security experts at UK-based […]