Case Study 1

An established corporate entity in the UK had formed an association over almost two years with an individual in America who represented a well-known company, with a diverse portfolio of business interests. IYE was commissioned to research an investment opportunity the group presented them with, and the individuals connected with it. Investigations, which included physical enquiries in America proved conclusively that this was a scam. Documents, including financial instruments were proved fraudulent and individuals had numerous criminal associates some of whom were involved in high end car crime, drugs and financial fraud. Contracts the client was about to sign were forensically examined and found to pose a significant risk to the client who was prevented from placing funds at risk. Algorithmic predictive analysis confirmed the scam.

Case Study 2

A private individual client requested investigations into an individual he was about to invest £650,000 with, and with whom he had attended a face to face meeting in America. The individual presented as an accomplished trader and wealth manager with a professional looking website and trading credentials. This individual was proved to be a criminal with no discernible assets working with a crooked bank officer to encourage victims to deposit funds into his control. Forensic IT investigations identified over 200 similar websites connected to this individual conducting a coordinated scam at multiple locations worldwide. IYE assisted authorities in closing down this operation and in arresting two individuals. Enquiries are ongoing, and more arrests are expected.

Case Study 3

In a case lasting over two years and involving exotic financial instruments in America, IYE assisted in the arrest of two individuals who had defrauded clients of over $18m in cash and $7b in CMO’s (collateralised mortgage obligations). Working with American enforcement agencies two individuals have pleaded guilty on a reduced tariff (but can still get between 20 and 40yrs) and will return to court in the autumn for sentencing. Our American partners are vigorously pursuing the lost funds and have made seizure orders on these criminals’ personal assets to try to recover victim’s money.

Case Study 4

IYE was commissioned to identify the author of a post on an exposé website forum called CheaterLand.

Tasked by a business associate of a man named on the site it proved a challenging case due to the extreme measures the owners of the site go to in order to preserve the anonymity of their authors. IYE investigators identified over 160 leads which were eventually whittled down to 6 hot leads finally identifying one individual living in California, USA.

Further enquiries may be requested into this individual which we are ideally positioned to complete, to gain a better understanding of what they hoped to achieve.
Loss of reputation is often more problematic than the loss of wealth and needs to be fiercely protected when it is attacked unjustifiably.

Case Study 5

An ex-professional footballer was conned out of a substantial amount of money some years ago, and despite many assurances over the years from the perpetrator, this had not been resolved.

Our client became aware of similar victims this man had defrauded and asked IYE to investigate. We soon identified a multi-million £ fraud running into three jurisdictions globally. Further enquiries identified ongoing criminal activities with this individual, involving car and credit card crime and a fraudulent carbon credit scam in South America. IYE is working with American and UK based agencies to bring this man to the justice he deserves.

This year to date IYE has assisted in the recovery or protection of £300m + of client’s funds.