One of our most frequently requested services is to investigate prospective investments or those that have failed. Often these investments run into hundreds of thousands.

Prevention is always preferable to cure and whether you are considering an investment in a bond, a high yielding platform, an individual, a corporate entity or any other form of investment, IYE can provide a full in-depth due diligence report to allow you to make evidence-based investment decisions.

Are they who they say they are, is the investment real? Sadly, the world is full of fraudsters & con artists who use increasingly sophisticated tools and methods, to make sure an investor is comfortable and happy to invest.

A few examples, we have seen being used in recent investigations:

  1. Fake personal and company identification
  2. The creation of a fake online profile and website
  3. The production of fake Proof of Funds on bank letterheads
  4. Holding meetings in a bank both with and without corrupt staff.
  5. The use of financial websites to ‘prove’ creditworthiness
  6. The use of fake accounts and distribution of ‘corporate’ glossy brochures
  7. The use of sophisticated web bot software to create hundreds of cloned company websites.

Good due diligence can mean the difference between a successful investment relationship and relationship that could cost you time, money, or reputation. IYE can perform due diligence investigations for you anywhere in the world.


The IYE review program, allows investors and corporate institutions to review their investment partners on quarterly basis. As circumstances change so to can security profiles. IYE will carry out in depth due diligence on the counter-parties and provide you with a regular overall risk assessment on your business ventures.


Internal due diligence empowers commercial entities to keep one step ahead of key employees who could significantly affect their business. This product provides routine criminal record and financial database examination to assess any risk which could damage a company’s economic position. A very confidential service enhanced with soft due diligence, IYE internal gives you the client a comprehensive and ongoing risk assessment of each key worker.


IYE can assist clients with legal agreements. As criminals, use sophisticated legal documentation to strengthen their financial position, IYE’s legal team would “strip back” the agreement to establish any likelihood of criminal activity. Reviewing existing, present and future agreements could potentially save the company recurring loss of capital and proceeds.


Separating from your partner can leave you financially unstable. Using IYE’s locating services, can give you a clear indication, on your true entitlement. Having in depth knowledge, on the 3rd parties existing shareholdings, current directorships and assets, allows you to plan strategically. Based on statistics, additional investigations can be instructed, as assets can be disguised by transferring, into associated denominations, this procedure, avoids paying any meaningful settlements. IYE, have the ability to research UK and international [offshore] companies.

All run from our Head Office in Monaco our team includes law enforcement, attorney and financial specialists. We have saved over 300m+ for our clients.

For more information on any of our services and a free consultation please call us on 020 8914 ‍7923