The Home Office estimates that over £6.8 billion is lost to criminal fraud in the UK each year and the latest Crime Survey for England and Wales shows over 3.3 million recorded incidences of the crime with failed investments adding significantly to the total.

Many victims are not fully reimbursed often causing long-term hardship and the effect on the victim can be devastating. Often deprived of financial security at a time of life when they cannot recover, victims face significant welfare issues, including physical and mental health problems and a greater risk of suicide.

IYE Recovery develops IYE’s reactive component to provide an asset recovery service for victims of crime or failed investments, where substantial cash or other assets have been lost.

Our Mission Statement

To offer an affordable solution to victims, taking the fight to the perpetrator, to bring them to justice and as far as possible to recover lost assets.


IYE works with agencies responsible for crime investigation and prosecution worldwide, whilst keeping asset recovery at the forefront of our efforts using effective legislation such as the Proceeds of Crime Act 2002 in the UK.

The implementation of IYE Recovery uses an escalating ‘phased’ response to maximise the potential of a successful outcome, whilst minimising the time it takes to arrive at an acceptable conclusion. Success depends upon the complete co-operation of the client to use the full weight of the law (both civil and criminal) when necessary to achieve the desired outcome.


As recovery cases tend to be open-ended and accessing a fee at the onset is difficult, IYE has decided to charge a modest fee for investigation work up front with a ‘conclusion fee’ for successful recovery of assets on recovery into the clients account at the end. We feel this makes our service affordable whilst giving the client comfort that IYE will continue to work for a satisfactory outcome.


We feel that this product significantly strengthens the IYE proposition by providing a reactive product. Whilst very aware of our responsibility to prevent crime and keep our clients financially safe we acknowledge the need to help victims of crime and failed investments.

Mental and physical well-being is adversely affected by events of this nature and IYE is committed to lessening the effect where we can, through a mix of proactive and reactive products brought to the market at an affordable price.