Another success for IYE Recovery

A company owning a Merchant Bank in the City of London decided to dishonour our client’s contract and refused to pay a substantial bill for services rendered. Our client tried to secure payment, but the offending company simply refused to pay and raised a dispute which they hoped they could hide behind to avoid paying a legal debt.

Working with IYE recovery, IYE legal stepped in and set about stripping away the false position the company had taken and started a process of winding up the company, the bank and other linked firms. Threats followed but IYE remained professional and at the eleventh hour before the winding up order was implemented the company settled. A great success but it doesn’t stop there. IYE legal are looking at the company’s ongoing legal obligations to our client and are formulating a substantial claim for the harm done to our client in not paying a legitimate debt.

More to follow I am sure!