Providing business decision makers and affluent clients with a comprehensive background checking service on individuals and corporate entities

IYE provides business decision makers and affluent clients with a comprehensive background checking service on individuals and corporate entities, essential for considering potential employment offers, close working agreements or new director appointments. We also provide crucial information necessary to assess the validity of investment opportunities worldwide.

Our comprehensive, investigative analysis and detailed reporting gives you the client simple, focused information and intelligence to help you make informed decisions.

Our ‘background check’ service uses ethical, lawful information gathering methods. Including technological open and proprietary sources with criminal records overlaid with discrete intelligence records, we provide exceptional information on the reputations of individuals and corporate entities to protect our clients’ interests.

All run from our Head Office in Monaco our team includes law enforcement, attorney and financial specialists.

Global Coverage

Global operations require global resources. With professional connections across all existing and emerging markets IYE’s investigations can be global, regional, or local; we can and do pursue specific investigations from one location of interest to another.

Fraud Detection Technology

IYE uses our own proprietary software to trawl the deep web, harvesting information from hundreds of intelligence, financial, criminal and darknet websites, that are not readily accessible to all. With a 98% accuracy rate, we can determine, whether an investment is real or fake.

Pro Intelligence

Law firms, financial institutions and the public sector increasingly rely on investigative intelligence and forensic expertise to meet their requirements under the BriberyAct, Fraud Act, Proceeds of Crime Act, MIFID II and other relevant legislation. To help our clients ensure full compliance with these laws and regulations we offer a facility to undertake thorough fit and proper background and deep intelligence checks on individuals. This service offers an unlimited checks per month for a fixed premium each month.

Private Investigators

We have a select group with extensive experience in criminal investigation and Intelligence, drawn from law enforcement agency, military and intelligence community. IYE specialise in tailored solutions to complex investment, business and legal challenges, using high-quality, proprietary technology, deep expertise and thinking.


This new raft of legislation has placed a specific responsibility on partners to conduct due diligence in any financial transaction. Our experienced professionals can deal with this requirement quickly and confidentially.


The hard facts are only part of the picture. Our holistic response to DD uses intelligence led data analysis from sources not generally available to give you a fuller picture.


Some estimates suggest that over 90% of bank instruments [MTN, BG, SBLC] in open circulation are false, or part of a larger criminal fraud. We can verify and authenticate most bank instruments.