IYE Global and Rexxfield announce partnership to combat financial crime.

IYE Global and Rexxfield are pleased to announce they have entered into a strategic partnership, combining IYE’s industry leading investigation resources with Rexxfield’s world class transaction analysis capabilities.

The IYE Global-Rexxfield partnership brings together deep skills across investigation strategy, process, and technology, to solve highly complex financial crimes.

IYE’s revolutionary investigation resource, Cobra AI, enables Rexxfield to interpret crime data to swiftly identity scammers and their source of funds.

IYE Global analysts interpret and verify aggregated data to form evidence-based crime files, allowing law enforcement agencies and legal entities to freeze accounts holding client funds, ahead of actioning full recovery procedures.

By utilising advanced technologies to commit elaborate scams and to launder money, the ability for criminals to devise complex crimes is getting harder to detect, prevent and pursue across jurisdictions.

To overcome these technical challenges, Cobra AI enables Rexxfield to acquire the missing piece in their investigation jigsaw – exposing the true identity of perpetrators and their money mules.

Rexxfield investigators identify and monitor transactions across complex frameworks up to the ‘choke point’. The choke point, in the context of cryptocurrency track and trace, relates to the point at which all abilities to view a blockchain transaction on the public ledger stops because it enters the traditional banking system, or custodial wallet exchanges, where strict confidentiality of client accounts is observed.

With Cobra AI we are able to see beyond the choke point, by aggregating data relative to a particular situation to pick outintelligence packages in-line with Rexxfield’s specific lines of enquiry,” said James Rees, IYE Global Head of Communications.

Cobra AI outputs a precise schematic understanding of how a crime happened, including identifying who committed the crime and their known associates, including mules.

Together, working as one team, we will unlock the full potential of combining traditional investigation techniques and futuristic AI-driven investigation mapping to give clients the best path to recovering their lost funds,” said Ron Cornforth, IYE Global CEO.

“Partnering with Rexxfield will allow us to deliver unique, world class solutions to combat global financial crime in real-time, whilst transforming the investigation landscape.”

Financial crime is a time pressured industry.

The IYE-Rexxfield partnership will shorten the investigation time frame significantly.

“It is my pleasure to announce IYE will be working closely with Rexxfield to overcome critical challenges faced by investigation firms and victims of crime internationally. Rexxfield’s deep understanding of complex digital interactions up to the choke point, when combined with Cobra’s unique understanding of criminal activity, will unleash unprecedented capabilities to recover client funds and to bringing those responsible to justice,” said Ron Cornforth, IYE Global CEO.

“This partnership is a copybook example of ‘the sum being greater than the parts’. By combining Rexxfield’s 16-year history of real-time crime-fighting, with IYE’s incredible reach and intelligence-insight, we can disrupt organised crime syndicates at source, at scale, and at the outset,” said Michael Roberts, Founder of Rexxfield Cyber Investigations Services.

For more information about Cobra AI and IYE’s suite of investigation solutions, please contact us.