Cobra AI system launched by North East financial investigators

FINANCIAL investigators from the North East say they are on the tracks of global scammers using game-changing artificial intelligence to help recover the criminals’ billions.

Ron Cornforth IYE Global CEO

Cobra AI has been launched by financial investigators IYE Global to jump the ‘choke point’ which challenges investigators when information stops being in the public domain and exists within a ‘university of crime’.

Developed with intelligence gathered over more than 20 years, the system accesses more than 20 billion continually evolving data sets from a network of sources and intelligence collated from historic crimes.

Cobra AI is used by experienced analysts to interpret the data for clients in order to solve a range of scams, from isolated cryptocurrency, or complex cross-jurisdictional fraud, to sophisticated Ponzi schemes. It also uses facial recognition technology to identify fake ID profiles.

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