Fake Investment Opportunities

IYE Global is currently working with several clients who were convinced by slick marketing and even slicker sales techniques to invest in what seemed to be genuine, but turned out to be fake investment opportunities.

Often these investments are endorsed by celebrities, such as the Harlequin Property Investment in the Carribean and which according to the most recent reports has lost its investors some £390M. Or where trusted advisers or colleagues have become involved in an investment and ‘pass on’ genuinely held beliefs that the scheme they are involved with will be of benefit.

600 sports stars duped in fake investment opportunities

This was obviously the case where up to 600 Sports Stars were encouraged to become involved in schemes being promoted by Kingsbridge Asset Management, often through word-of-mouth.

Fake investment due diligence

At IYE Global we not only investigate failed investments, we work with our clients to undertake comprehensive due diligence with an intelligence overlay on investments they are currently considering. In every case to date, we have advised our clients not to engage. Often this is due to hidden intelligence, which would not have been apparent to individuals conducting their own research.

How to verify an investment

To verify whether an investment opportunity is real, or fake, please contact us.