When is a website not a website?

When it’s a clone

One of our clients recently asked us to investigate an investment they were considering. Within moments we knew something was wrong as the website our client had first looked at for the ‘offer’ looked wrong. A little digging later and we realised there were literally thousands of similarly cloned websites.

In this case, this was not some dark web geek sitting in their bedroom, no, we’d stumbled across a state-sponsored website cloning operation designed to find and replicate suitable genuine financial websites using sophisticated automated tools.

Once we realised the scale of the operation it was time to let our client know that this was unsafe and to report our findings to the relevant authorities, who in this case were unaware of this new attack on our markets.

IYE Global can help ensure you don’t get dragged into an investment that’s a scam. If you’re looking to invest call us first on +44 (0)20 8914 7923 or fill out the contact form on our website (it’s not a clone).