Another Success For IYE Global

Although IYE Global was formed recently our investigators have significant international experience in criminal investigation. A case recently concluded, followed a two-year investigation involving fraud across three continents. IYE working closely with the FBI and others have been instrumental in bringing two more criminals to justice.

Daniel Dirk CODDINGTON and Jesse W ERWIN JR have entered a guilty plea in the United States District Court for the District of Colorado.

Their crime involved a sophisticated scam using financial instruments. Relying on Erwin’s reputation as a lawyer of some note, these criminals scammed clients out of $17,657,890 in cash and an estimated $7 billion (face value) in instruments known as Collateralized Mortgage Obligations over a two-year period.

As part of a plea bargain agreement, Coddington and Erwin have secured a reduction in their sentences when they return to the court later but still face a maximum tariff of 40 years in a state penitentiary.

Our American partners are aggressively pursuing stolen funds and the personal property of the criminals involved.

If in the course of an investigation criminal activity is discovered IYE always informs and works with the relevant lawful bodies to bring about a successful prosecution of the offenders involved.

Your case does not need to be international in nature to involve us. IYE has a range of investigative services to suit clients both large and small. Our aim at IYE is to ensure our clients do not fall victim to fraudulent investments in the first instance. We are happy to discuss and fully investigate any potential investment and provide clear, simple to follow advice on the legitimacy of a proposed investment along with the people associated with it. If you’d like to undertake full due diligence to ensure the investment you’re considering is genuine, please call us on: +44 (0)20 8914 7923 or use our contact form on the IYE Global website.